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Felt Toast / Bread Slice

Print out the templates and cut them out. I suggest using the heat-erasable pen or you can attach templates directly onto the felt using some needle pins.

You should have a top and a bottom piece of the bread slice and two long strips of the crust. You need a long strip of felt for the crust which is hard to come by so I recommend sewing two strips together to create one long strip for the crust.

Next step you can skip but I do recommend using strong card or acetate sheet at the back of each base to make the slice sturdy (I used hot glue).

Align the crust edge with the base edge and sew them together. Cut off the excess strip but leave just enough to sew the strip together.

Take the second base and align it with the crust edge, sew them together but leave some space to add the soft toy filling. Add the filling. Finish sewing the edges together.

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