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Felt Easter Hanging Ornament PDF Sewing Pattern BUNDLE

Welcome to the world of DIY felt ornaments!  Whether you're a seasoned sewing enthusiast or a beginner looking for a fun and creative project this Easter, this felt sewing pattern bundle is perfect for you. Whether you're crafting felt ornaments for Easter decor, playtime with kids, as unique gifts, or for decorating your home - customize your ornaments with different colours and styles to suit your preferences. Send it digitally or as a  print out to someone special as a gift. This bundle offers endless possibilities.


Why Choose this bundle?

  • suitable for all skill levels, our instructions ensure success for beginners and experienced crafters alike
  • handmade felt ornaments make a charming and unique gift for loved ones of all ages
  • craft your own sustainable and reusable ornaments for years to come
  • create adorable felt props for birthdays and special occasions
  • encourage imaginative play with safe and soft toys (without twine these ornaments make perfect felt toys)
  • incorporate felt ornaments into DIY projects like mobiles, etc.


Includes sewing patterns for egg, bunny and carrot ornaments.


Level - easy. No sewing machine is required.

Felt Easter Hanging Ornament PDF Sewing Pattern BUNDLE