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Felt Pizza Playset PDF Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This PDF sewing pattern allows you to create a fun and interactive playset that will engage your little ones for hours of pretend play. This 6-slice felt pizza playset pattern offers a variety of toppings and accessories, allowing children to create their dream pizzas over and over again. From pepperoni and ham to colourful peppers and mushrooms, the options are limitless!

This pattern is designed for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Clear step-by-step instructions, accompanied by detailed illustrations, make it easy for you to create your very own pizza playset. Express your creativity by choosing your preferred colours and designing unique toppings!

- pizza slice with a crust
- pizza sauce
- mozzarella cheese
- pepperoni
- ham
- mushrooms
- basil
- bell pepper
- olives

Level - easy. No sewing machine is required.

Felt Pizza Playset PDF Sewing Pattern and Tutorial